Working Out is So Much Fun

January 13, 2017

 You all know how I hate working out.  Well let me tell you the reasons why I hate working out.  You go to the gym to loose weight or gain muscle.  Correct.  Also, we are not suppose to pay attention to the scale because muscle weights more than fat.  Well, why do we still get on the scale?  Then when you get on, you see how you have gained weight.  To me it is very devastating.  Here we work so hard staying on our diet.  Ok, I don’t diet unless you count not eating that one candy bar that one night before I went to bed.  I feel asleep before I had a chance to eat it.  That counts.  So, yeah I diet.  But you look at the scales and it shows you gained a little.  It brings you down.  At least, I am making an effort and walked through a gym door.  Now, where is my cookie for doing so.


Once I’ve moved past not getting a cookie every time I go, I try doing some cardio.  On some of the machines they have straps that go over your feet.  I know they are for safety reasons.  I’ve learned do not to strap them to tight because you can’t get them off.  They are strapping you in, when you don’t want to even be on the machine in the first place.  Try getting off those machines when you have a phone call, good luck with that.  That has happened to me I don’t know how many times.


Now, the picture that I am showing you is of this ab machine.  It should have never been invented.  What guy does not want a six pack of abs?  But after doing this machine, your so sore the next morning you can’t get out of bed because you can’t pull yourself up.  Wait, I have an excuse.  I am so milking this.  Never-mind.  All joking a side, exercise is great for you and I do recommend doing it.  Doesn’t mean we have to enjoy doing it, but find somewhere and something you enjoy doing.  Make it fun like I do.  I have found a gym that I really like, it makes me happy being there and being surrounding by all positive uplifting things they have to offer.   I would recommend them to anyone. 

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