The Good Old Days

January 23, 2017


So, this weekend my family and I thought we would go out into the country and visit one of our favorite places to eat.  This place is called the "Farmer's Daughter."  They have some of the best food and it is all served family style, where they bring everything to the table and you share and pass around each item.  I absolutely love this concept and this is how I came up with the title of my cookbook that I am writing, "My Family's Kitchen."  And from that title the show got its name.  This reminds me of the good old days.  I really need to stop saying that it makes me sound old.  Anyways, I remember growing up and how everything was put on the table.  Now its, "yes I want fries with that.  Oh, can I get some salt with that.  Thanks."  It kinda makes me sad a little bit because where has the family gone.  Oh yea, they are beside us instead of in front of us.  We are all so busy now and on all different kind of schedules.  Just don't forget to love and cherish your family.  You only get one of them.  Unfortunately. :-)

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