Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

January 30, 2017

I never thought in my lifetime I would ever say this, but I am tired of chocolate.  My trainer said it was important to cheat on my diet, but he never said when or for how long.  So this weekend, I went to the Chocolate Fest event here in Knoxville, TN.  It was a local charity event to help the Ronald McDonald House.  It was all about Chocolate.  They had a testing area where you got little samples of chocolate from truffles, to chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered cheese puffs, chocolate ice cream, etc.  It was a lot of chocolate let me tell you.  If eating all of my samples wasn't enough, my mom made me eat some of hers because she couldn't eat them all.  Let me just say I didn't have lunch that day.  They also had a chocolART competition where you could vote on your favorite piece of chocolate art.  I think the peacock won.  What do you think?   





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