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February 6, 2017

Knoxville has so many hidden little places that I love to visit.  One of them is McKay's.  If you have never been there, it is a must.  They have tons of used books, dvds, music, and games.  Every-time I go, I always find something.  Never fails.  So, I do try to avoid it sometimes.  But, my mom was looking for a certain book, so we thought we would stop and try to find it.  Turns out we found more than just books.  One of the must go to areas for me is the cookbook section.  Mom was on one end of the isle, I was on the other trying to cover it all.  


When we meet in the middle, mom started telling me about this woman loading up her cart with cookbooks.  "There was one book I saw her grab from the bottom that said apple something.  It could have been from the Apple Barn or some other Apple restaurant.  I keep trying to look in her buggy to see what it was."  You have to know to my mom is all I can say.  


Anyways, we started going over what we selected and I heard a voice that sounded familiar.  I looked down the isle that my mom just came from and I said, "That's Lisa Smith."  My mom looked and said that is.  So, she went right up and started talking to her.  Good job, mom.  Lisa has been one of my moms favorite semi local TV personalities/cooks for several years now.  She got to talk to her for about ten-fifteen minutes.  Lisa was so nice and we even got a picture with her.  It made my mom's day.  Also, my mom has now learned to not to look in other peoples buggies, but to look up.  


For those of you that doesn't know who Lisa Smith is, Lisa is a pioneer that paved her own way to what she is today.  When her plans of being a CPA went awry, she felt called to Southwest Virginia.  She went to work at Living Faith Ministries working for her father-in-law, the creator of Living Faith Ministries Network.  She mainly did the behind the scenes aspect.  Then after her father-in-law passed away, she was thrust in the spotlight.  After already working on two different shows, she felt the Lord was telling her to do a cooking show.  Her thinking was people wouldn't normally stop and watch a Christian television show, but would stop and watch a cooking show.  The rest is history.  Thank you Lisa, for making my mom's day.



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