Valentine's Day Fun Facts

February 13, 2017

Love is in the air.  What a better way to celebrate with some fun interesting facts.  Did you know over one billion cards are exchanged each year on Valentine's Day?  That only makes it the second largest card holiday.  Makes you wonder what is the first.  Back in the medieval time frame girls would eat bizarre food on Valentine's Day to make them dream of their future spouse.  So, glad I'm a guy.  Over one billion dollars worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day.  The average American will spend $119.67, and men spend twice the amount than women.  Just buy something from my store.  I have all your needs taken care of.  In Japan, women are expected to give chocolate and other gifts to men.  This tradition was started by Japanese chocolate companies.  Men are not off the hook, unfortunately.  They are expected to return the favor on March 14th, commonly known as White Day.




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