New Month, New News, New Items, New Paths

February 27, 2017


I can't believe March is almost here.  Where did this month go?  It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for Valentines.  Now, I'm getting ready for St. Patricks Day and Easter.  Where does time go?  Anyways, I thought I would take this time to tell you about all the great things coming this March.  In honor of St. Patricks Day, everything green is going 5% off in my store.  


Speaking of my collection, I am going to have a lot of new items that will be popping up through-out the month such as magnets, soup/coffee mugs, aprons, Easter salt and pepper shakers, and a whole lot more.  One thing that I am working on is gift baskets.  I am planning on having an Easter, Mother's Day, Father's, birthday, bridal, and wedding gift baskets available soon.  So any occasion, I have you covered.  Also, on the website I plan on having a lot of new recipes and new shows.


I am so happy and so excited to finally announce this I have teamed up with the Anytime Fitness team and I will be having my recipes published in their newsletter starting in March.  I am going to be providing a healthier version of some of my dishes, along with many healthy recipes and alternatives.  So, if you are a member of Anytime Fitness and would like to receive a copy of their newsletter, just let me know and I will give you the information on how you can receive it.  I do plan on having the recipes on my website as well.  Maybe even a copy of their newsletter, just have to check all the legal aspects of that first.


Speaking of newsletters, don't forget to sign up to mine.  Coming in April one lucky person that has signed up will receive a free 16 piece plate-ware dinner set.  Also, my first newsletter goes out this week.  I have a lot of things going on and a lot of things to come.  So, stayed tuned.

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