Vampire vs Werewolf

March 10, 2017

So, I have to admit for the past month I have been getting into the Twilight series.  I know what your thinking, just now.  I wasn't big on the movies when they came out.  Just couldn't get into them.  Well I found the audio book of the serious.  So I thought, why not listen to them.  I have been hooked since.  I am on the last book now, but I was thinking which would be better being a vampire or a werewolf.  What is your option?


A werewolf would be awesome you never have to worry about the cold, your always warm.  Your mans best friend.  You have the imprint thing on who you are suppose to be with.  You have a tight pack of family.  You have a legacy.


As a vampire you live forever, which you can have love that can last for centuries.  You sparkle in sunlight. You don't have to control your anger.  Sleep, what is that.  You have special abilities from others, like seeing the future.  But what do you think which would be better being a vampire or a werewolf?  I think a vampire would be better.



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