A Night Off

March 24, 2017


Everyone needs a night off once in a while.  Well, I needed a night off from cooking.  I found this little pizza place called "Blaze Pizza".  I was blown away.  This place is awesome.  You walk in and the decor is so modern and cool.  I even had to take a pic of the trashcan.  So, you walk up and order and you watch them flatten out your crust with a presser.  Then you pick the sauce and toppings.  The coolest part is when they cook it.  First you think it is a brick oven, but you look closer there is no bricks.  It is an oven with a flat smooth grill with flames coming from the back.  It was so cool.  The food was wonderful.  One pizza a person could share.  But if your super hungry or after you taste how good it is you will have to get another one.  Also, it is very affordable.  One pizza one topping is 5.99.  You have to check it out. 

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