The Struggles We Face

March 27, 2017

It is obvious that we all face some kind of struggle in life whether it be weight, eating healthy, working out, self image, some goal we want to achieve, being obsessed over something.  I am one to admit I am the worlds worst when it comes to eating right and making time to go to the gym.  I will come up with excuses to talk myself out of going every time.  But I have learned something over the weekend.  Instead of trying to eat right every meal every day, I am going to start out slow and start with one meal a week.  No body is perfect, but if I make an effort just by changing one meal I have made a difference.  With time that builds up.  After a month, that will be four healthy meals.  Who knows I might actually like it or like cauliflower at some point.  We never know till we make that step to change one small thing.  

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