On Location (Part 2 of 2)

April 10, 2017


Last weekend, I was in Asheville, NC working on a new project that will be coming soon.  I took my Dad along to to help me find where I needed to go.  He used to work in Asheville, so I thought he would know where to go.  Let's just say he had the wrong address, but we stumbled upon the River Arts District.  It is kind of on the outskirts of downtown.  Both of us never knew this place existed.  From the main highway it looks like just old buildings that has been abandoned years.  A place you really shouldn't go.  Didn't seem safe after dark.  We was wrong.  Turns out these buildings are part of the art themselves.  There are four different areas that hold paintings, drawings, glass blowing, ceramics, and even clay sculptures.  I saw so many different techniques of painting.  I was really blown away.  They even took an old community theatre and turned it into a studio.  Apparently, this is a popular place.  I just never knew it existed.  Here are some pics from my visit.  I am streching this out over two blogs, so you see all the pics.



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