Eating Free or Close to Free For Your Birthday

April 17, 2017


My birthday just passed over the weekend, but I'm still celebrating.  Many years ago, I went to all these different restaurant websites and signed up for their newsletter and every year I get a lot of food for free.  So, far I have gotten a free buffet at Golden Corral.  Free appetizer or dessert at Logan's Roadhouse.  A free Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity Pancake at IHOP.  A free Cookie Cake Slice at Great American Cookie.  A free medium Chocolate Chip Pizzert from Pizza Inn.  A 1/3 Burger with a purchase of your next entree from Fuddruckers.  Ten dollars off a purchase of twenty or more at Famous Dave's here in Knoxville.  A free 12oz. cup of yogurt at Sweet Frog.  Five dollars off at Jason's Deli.  A buy one get one free milkshake at Marble Slab.  A free scoop at Baskin Robins.  It is so easy to sign up.  Just go to their website and sign up for loyalty program.


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