Capitol Cookies

April 24, 2017


If you know me my favorite food is cookies.  I haven't found one yet that I couldn't turn down.  Well, I came across this magazine called Capitol Cookies.  It is cookies recipes from all fifty state capitols.  I thought it would be cool to share.  


Alabama-Orange Slice Cookies

Alaska-Fruit Cookies

Arizona-Peacan Pie Bars

Arkansa-Cheese Cookies

California-Golf Balls

Colorado-Daddy's Dunkers

Connecticut-Raspberry Thimble Cookie

Delaware-Applesauce Cookies

District of Columbia-Pecan Sticks


Georgia-Almond Cookies

Hawaii-Island Energy Bars

Idaho-Bon Cherry Cookies

Illinois-Pioneer Picnic Cookies

Indiana-Christmas Wreaths

Iowa-Almond Bark Cookies


Kentucky-Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Louisiana-Double-Dutch Pizza Cookies

Maine-Marmalade Cookies

Maryland-Santa's Whiskers

Massachusetts-Sesame Cookies

Michigan-Pudding Chip Cookies

Minnesota-Gumdrop Cookies

Mississippi-Butter Wafers

Missouri-Lebkucker (Lepe) Cookies

Montana-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nebraska-Hickory Nut Cookies

Nevada-Fruit Pizza

New Hampshire-Abbey's Chocolate Chip Cookies

New Jersey-Chocolate Baklava

New Mexico-Clotchky (Thumbprint Cookies)

New York-Lemon Italian Cookies

North Carolina-Russian Tea Balls

North Dakota-Salted Nut Rolls

Ohio-Snowball Jewels

Oklahoma-$250.00 Cookies

Oregon-Butter Horns

Pennsylvania-Sour Cream Drops

Rhode Island-Biscotti Di Prato (The Dunking Cookie)

South Carolina-Praline Grahams

South Dakota-High Fiber Nutritious Oatmeal Cookies

Tennessee-Zucchini Bars

Texas-Neiman-Marcus Bars

Utah-Pumpkin Cookies

Vermont-Carob Diamonds

Virginia-Cranberry Crunch Bars

Washington-Marshmallow Cloud Cookies

West Virginia-Reese's Cup Bars

Wisconsin-Snow-Capped Chocolate Drops

Wyoming-Angel Crisp Cookies



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