Scott's Strawberries

May 8, 2017

Most of the people in my area have heard of the name and what it means.  Every spring I see those stands pop up and I know spring has arrived because Scott's Strawberries are finally here.  Scott's strawberries is one of those brands you know what your getting right away.  They have some of the best produce in town.  Everyone knows about their strawberries, but they also have tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn, squash, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, pickles, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupes, and blue berries.


One thing I have often wondered about is how did Scott's farm get started.  Did you know it was started two generations back with Wayne Scott; a high school agriculture teacher,


who just had a simple dream of putting what he taught into practice?  Mr. Scott and his wife worked hard for several years building their business and reputation.  Also, with five kids helping out on the farm it wasn't long till they helped build one of biggest well known names in town and nationally.  Scott's tomatoes are nation wide in grocery stores all across the country.






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