Mother's Day Fun Facts

May 12, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.  I always do this for every holiday.  I thought I would share some fun facts about Mother's Day.  Did you know in the United States alone, around 122 million phone calls are made to moms on Mother’s Day?  In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked both Mother's Day and the second Sunday in May.  She also created Mother's Day International Association.  By the 1920s it had become so commercialized already that Anna Jarvis was disappointed.  The most common flower for Mother's Day is the carnation.  In Bolivia, the date chosen for Mother's Day was based on the day that women participated in a battle.  Other countries have also chosen the date for Mother's Day to coincide with holidays that also celebrate women.  In the former Yugoslavia, children would tie up their mother on Mother's Day. In order to be freed she had to pay them with treats.  Mother's Day is celebrated in close to 50 countries in different parts of the world.



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