Tea Time

May 19, 2017

It's summer time.  Is there anything better than grabbing some sweet tea and sitting out on the front porch and just watch the cars go by?  Sweet tea is well known in the South, but have you often wondered about how many teas actually exist.  There is black tea, long island tea, sweet tea, green tea, and a whole lot more. My Mom's favorite is peach tea.  Tea itself started out for medical purposes.  It started back in the early Buddhist texts and Chinese manuals.  They wrote about how Camellia Sinuses (the tea plate) is potent medicine for promoting good health and longevity.  Even in my research about different teas, I ran across a webpage that was dedicated to proper tea etiquette.  How to hold a tea cup, the different types of tea cups, how to use a teaspoon for your tea.  I never knew tea was that big of thing.  Boy was I wrong.  So, the next time you order a glass of sweet tea just think this will help me live longer.lol  Also, to help all your tea bag problems I am introducing a new line of Tea Companions.  They will be in my store soon.



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