Different Kinds of Apples

June 9, 2017

As they say an apple a day, helps keep the doctor away.  I remember back in the day an apple was just an apple.  Now if you go to the grocery store there are all different kinds.  How do we know which one to choose.  Well I found a list that might help.  These are the top 24 different kinds.


Lady-Sweet and delicate, with no tartness. In other words, ladylike.

Baldwin-Yields sweetness with a hint of spice.

Gravenstein-Ivory flesh and intense, aromatic flavor.

Esopus Spitzenburg-It has a floral scent, buttery flesh.

McIntosh-Classic apple juicy, fresh, sweet, and bright.

Cox's Orange Pippi-Nutty, almost pearlike flavor.

York-Perfect balance of sweet and sharp. Becomes sweeter and more mellow after several months.

Northern Spy-Tart but honeyed; luscious yet subtle.

Granny Smith-Tart.

Golden Delicious-Rich, even custardy.

Cortland-Sprightly because of its balance of sweetness and acidity.

Macoun-Intensity of flavor and known for a movie-sound-effect crunch.

Mutsu-Boisterous tang.

Fuji-Sweet. Too juicy for baking.

Twenty Ounce-Grown primarily for food manufacturers.  A single apple can make an entire pie.

Empire-Tart + sweet = hard not to love.

Ginger Gold-It wows with its succulent texture and spice.

Honeycrisp-Expect explosive juiciness and smack-you-over-the-head sweetness.

Liberty-Bright flavor wins over lovers of tart apples.

Pink Lady-The princess skin draws most people to this apple. It has a mild but pleasant flavor and plenty of crunch.

Piñata-Sweet and crisp with a hint of tropical fruit.

Goldrush-A fresh GoldRush will keep in the refrigerator until summer.

Rubyfrost-It's zippy, almost effervescent.

Snapdragon-Crunch! [a dribble of juice down your chin] Bam! [a burst of ambrosia]




*Source used http://www.prevention.com/food/apple-varieties-and-recipes/slide/16.

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