Solar Eclipse Food Deals

August 18, 2017

As the full solar eclipse approaches, the more excited we become.  Towns, cities, hotels, resorts, and even restaurants are preparing for this huge event.  On Monday, Dairy Queen is debuting a buy-one, get-one Blizzard deal.  Krispy Kreme will debut the first-ever chocolate version of the chain's iconic original glazed doughnut.  At Kristal's, they are selling their green-apple and grape slushies, as well as their Caramel Mocha Frost, for 99 cents.  The appliance brand; Figidaire, is having what it calls its first-ever "blackout sale." To celebrate the eclipse, certain products from Figidaire's Smudge-Proof Black Stainless Steel collection will be at least 30% off. Denny’s is celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event with delicious, moon-shaped Buttermilk Pancakes for just four dollars.  So, bring on the eclipse and bring on the deals.




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