What Your Halloween Candy Says About You

October 20, 2017

So, I found this article in Woman’s World Magazine this month that I just had to share.  I thought it was so interesting.  What sweet treat reveals about your creativity style?  I am a big KitKat fan.  What are you?


M&M’s-You’re an extroverted creative.  Perfect for sharing.  M&M’s are often preferred by generous outgoing folks who relish spreading the joy of their Halloween bounty.  Inspired and energized by others, you’re most creative when marring your artistic streak with your social spirit, be it planning the perfect Halloween bash or designing a haunted house for all the neighborhood’s little monsters to enjoy!


Peanut Butter Cups-You’re an introspective creative.  The creamy texture of peanut butter cups appeals to people with sensitive palates and sensitive hearts.  Your creativity springs from serene reflections and is the main reason you gravitate toward solo pursuits, such as patiently decorating a batch of ghoulishly cute cupcakes or quietly filling the pages of a Halloween themed adult coloring book.


Candy Corn-You’re a playful creative.  Cute, sweet candy corn is a nostalgic treat, instantly conjuring the memories and innocence of youth.  And if you smile just thinking of the classic candy, it’s because your imagination is as playful and listless as a child.  Able to come up with clever costume ideas and invert spook-facular party games, you’re at your most creative this time of year, when adults get to be kids again.


KitKats-You’re an intellectual creative.  Crisp yet airy, KitKats offer a subtle dichotomy that mirrors your nuanced nature.  Curious and open-minded, you’re an intellectual creative because you love devising imaginative solutions to problems-like improvising a killer last minute costume!


Snickers-You’re a tactile creative.  From chewy nougat and gooey caramel to crunchy nuts and creamy chocolate, the variety of flavors and textures in Snickers hints at your love of novelty.  Always up for a challenge, you’re likely a “tactile” creative, preferring hands-on projects such as sewing costumes for the kids or crafting your own Halloween wreath!


Skittles-You’re a visual creative.  Extremely visual thinkers tend to prefer brightly colored Skittles.  Whether you’re adorning your home with boo-fitful decor or carving an intricate jack-o’-lantern, you have an amazing eye for detail and believe life should be a gorgeous feast for the senses-on Halloween and every other day of the year.





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