March Events

February 28, 2018

Hey everybody.  I have some very exciting news to share.  Coming this March, I’m coming back. After taking some time off from being on camera, I couldn’t think of a better way to come back then to start off by meeting you.  I had such a great time the weekend before last.  I’m doing it again.  


On March 3rd and 4th, I’m going to be with my friends from Olive Oil Divine at The Kingsport Home Builders Association Annual Home & Outdoor Show.  This event is going to be held at the Kingsport Meadowview Marriott.  I will be on hand firing up some steaks with some of Olive Oil Divine’s Signature Austin Steakhouse Rub.  If that wasn’t enough, I’m going to top it off with Olive Oil Divine’s Cask 25.  Cask 25 is a twenty-five year aged balsamic vinegar.  It is so good.  I could drink it with a spoon.  It’s that good.  Also for those of you that like bourbon, I might grill up some steaks just for you.  I’ll make them with some Olive Oil Divine’s Bourbon Molasses Rub and Olive Oil Divine Bourbon Balsamic on top.  It is a crowd favorite.  Come on out and visit us.  You don’t know what you are missing.


Also, coming in March is season two of “My Family’s Kitchen.”  This season is full of surprises.  You will just have to wait and find out what those are.  I will say this.  The show has been extended.  I know you are wondering, what about the “Quick and Easy” videos.  They will be all new as well.  


There is one more thing I want to share.  Welcome, The Alex Bradley Jr. Home Collection.  Details will be released soon.  Just remember Y'all, just keep on cooking and Live Divine.



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